Oliver Nassar


Bookee is a Google Chrome Extension that lets you quickly access and search all your bookmarks with a simple keyboard shortcut.

What is Bookee?

Bookee is a Google Chrome Extension that makes it easier for you to work with your browser bookmarks. By pressing a simple keyboard-shortcut (Command + Shift + K), Bookee pops up. Just start typing to search through your bookmarks.

Most importantly, Bookee does not require you to import or export any of your bookmarks. All your bookmarks will show up right away, without any extra work.

Bookmarks also shows you a thumbnail of your bookmarks to make it faster for you to find just what you're looking for.

How do I install Bookee?

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store page
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button
  3. You're done!

What does Bookee look like?

The screenshots below give you a sense for what Bookee looks like (and therefore, how it works):

How does Bookee work?

Bookee works by creating a database of your bookmarks, and then quickly searching through them. This is all done in your browser, so your bookmarked data never leaves your computer.

Additionally, Bookee matches your searches better than any other extension (or the native Bookmark Manager) by mapping specific URLs to tags.

For example, if you search for video, yt or clip, any bookmarks saved from youtube.com will show up.

Another thing that Bookee accomplishes is more complicated searches. For example, your native Bookmark Manager does not properly support searching through both folder names and bookmark names. So, a bookmark named Finances inside a folder named Work would normally not show up for the search work finances.

With Bookee, that's fixed (among many other things).

Why did I build Bookee?

I realized that I use my bookmarks all the time, but I almost never search through them. This is because search wasn't that effective (or convenient).

I wanted to fix this.

Combining keyboard-shortcuts, some visual indications of what a bookmark is (eg. screenshots, thumbnails or open graph images) and mapping specific websites to tags (eg. searching for spreadsheet will bring up any Google Sheets you've bookmarked) made my bookmarks much more useful.

Keyboard Shorcuts


The idea and design of Bookee was inspired by a number of other services. Here are some of them:


If you have any feedback, you can reach me at: onassar@gmail.com