Oliver Nassar

Webcam Teleprompter

July 2023

Record a video (and have it download) with the text perfectly positioned underneath your camera. This makes it easier to read a script for your video, without your eyes losing focus. This experiment currently only works on desktop (apologies mobile users).

Why did I build this?

The goal here was to make it easier to record videos with great eye contact (while not having to memorize what was being said).

It's a proof-of-concept, but hopefully one that others find useful (and I can use for my own videos here and there).

How was it built?

This was built entirely using JavaScript and HTML. It's a 100% client-side solution.


This would not be possible without this gist from Tatsuya Sususkida.


If you've got any comments, you can reach me at: onassar@gmail.com