Oliver Nassar

Email Permutation Generator

April 2021

Use the form below to enter a name and a series of possible email domains (aka hosts).

It will generate a series of possible permutations (also known as guesses) for email addresses. Then choose to either copy those email addresses to your clipboard (for use however you'd like), or open a new compose window (using your default browser email client).

If you choose the latter, the to, bcc, and optionally subject and body fields, will be pre-populated in that new email.

26 unique email addresses will be generated (or guessed) for each different domain.

Note: Changes to this form are saved in your local storage. Feel free to reload the page at any time: any changes made to the form will be saved.

Why did I build this?

I've had some luck in my life cold-emailing people. Sometimes for work, sometimes for travel. One of the challenges when doing so is guessing the exact format for email addresses of employees or team members.

I've had some luck using services like Hunter.io, but that can be hit-or-miss.

I would create permutations, however it became a bit tedious. That's why I built this. As time goes on, I'll add more permutations to increase the chances of getting through to the right person (eg. support for middle names).

And finally, the logic of appending the email addresses to the bcc field is to lower the likelihood that the recipient (assuming you get through to them) can tell that you guessed their email address ;)

How was it built?

This is a pretty simple JavaScript app. It uses a bunch of native functions (aka no jquery or helper utilities). It does make use of the Notifications Web API to notifiy you when email addresses have been copied to your clipboard (which for some reason isn't working atm haha).



If you have any feedback, you can reach me at: onassar@gmail.com