Oliver Nassar

Boomerang: Webhook after xx time

While building Iconduck, I ran into a common situation: I wanted to email users after 24 hours to get feedback on what they thought.

I didn't want to create a cron (I loathe crons). So I thought a low-tech approach would be to have some 3rd-party service hit an endpoint of mine after 24 hours. Something like:

I assumed there would be some 3rd party service that would facilitate this, but no luck. So, I built my own, low-tech webhook service using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda.

Feel free to use the endpoint below, but if you plan on doing so in a production env, for sure let me know.

wget https://aws-api.416.io/boomerang/v1/track/in-24-hours/https://your-url-here.com/

The above does exactly what you'd expect it to: in 24 hours, it will make a request to https://your-url-here.com/. It's that sample.

I use Sugar, a JavaScript library, for parsing the date and time strings. It's pretty solid. Anyting that Sugar can handle (eg. "in 24 hours", "tomorrow at 8am"), Boomerang (my codename for now) can handle.

Here are a bunch of date / time strings that have been tested and work: