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Idea: UML Generation/Parsing Web Application

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As mentioned in the outline of my Lectures App, I couldn't find a way to create a UML diagram of an sql schema (or the opposite). So here is my pitch.

The Idea

Create a website that prompts a user to upload an sql schema. Immediately, the page would refresh with the UML diagrams. The user could then customize the style/colour scheme, and then download it.

In order to make it downloadable, and to even represent it in the first place, I presume the diagrams would need to be created in GD, ImageMagick or a similar library.

The file could then be saved to Amazon S3, and the link presented for hotlinking or downloading.


Would this change my life? Nope, but it'd make it really nice to be able to visualize a schema I created programtically, or to present it to someone else.

Schemas are intrinsically very dry and obtuse, and being able to visualize data-sets relationships, column types (eg. through colour coding) and indexes could be very powerful as a learning tool.

The Opposite

Creatying a WYSIWYG would be pretty rad too, but would be a rather large scope. Specifically, a user could create tables, columns, column types, indices, and primary keys, and have these exported to an sql file that could then be executed against a database (MySQL) engine.

I don't know if I would use that as the SequelPro interface is simply (but powerful) enough to do so already, but it's an idea.

Business Model

Don't really care. Make something useful, people will pay, but alas, I'll address it:

I would pay for this (albeit, a little; maybe $5/year), but it may be more valuable to larger businesses.