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Idea: TurtlePHP Comments Plugin

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I'm not sure how flushed out this one is just yet, but I'll give it a go. A plugin for my TurtlePHP project which creates a system for collecting comments for a resource.

Think Disqus, but being able to control the data at a raw level. One of the issues I have with Disqus or the Facebook Comments Plugin is that they ultimately retain the data. I'm not able to migrate the comments over to a different database, project, or mine them for relevancy. Ultimately, I'm limited to how the respective plugin creators want to expose the functionality.

The idea is to present a controller, model, and schema in this plugin. Upon initial page load, a database would be set up, a few configuration options would be requested of the developer, and a tag presented to the developer on how to integrate a comment module. Something like <turtle:plugin plugin="comment" type="prompt" />.

The controller would make the CRUD operations accessible, the model would take care of the data updates, and a Template instantiation would be made to define the relevant tags.

The result would be a comment system that could be dropped in as fast as the the developer (eg. me) could clone the GitHub repo. While it wouldn't be perfectly normalized, as my OCPD would like, it would provide for a quick way to test out new features and projects, requiring only styling.

Here is a list of the GitHub repositories of mine that ought need to be included to ensure a nice flow:

Wow. That's quite an amount. This could imply two things:

  1. That's a lot of projects to include to do something so simple
  2. Since there are so many, this would imply that having this process automated would be difficult but very useful