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Idea: YouTube DJ/Mixer

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Yup, jotting down another idea while I can remember it (it keeps escaping my mind, for some reason).

An application built using the YouTube client side API which acts as a DJ/mixer.

There are some advanced applications that allow you to mix YouTube videos in pretty powerful ways, but I want one that is simple and has very little overhead to understanding how to use it. Here we go:

The Flow

You go to the site, an you see a large text input, flexible enough to accept any of the following:

The software would be flexible enough to find related videos to continuously play. For example:

The point of the application is not, however, to simply play videos.

The Point

To have beautiful, simple transitions.
Have the script automatically volume up and down, respectively, the current song and the next song that will be coming in.

For example, let's say the song is 15 seconds from ending. Start to scrub the volume down, and play the next video (hidden), with the volume very low, slowly starting to get louder as the previous song comes to a close.

Simple enough.

And the visuals?
A checkbox that allows the user to have the video played (but only the video; no other distractions), or just the video image.

Maybe, previous/next links (which prompt a proper transition), a total music count, and a repeat button triggered on.


I think the above is a simply one page site that I would use when you want music to continuously play, but don't want to micromanage it.

And would be a fun excuse to get to the know the YouTube API a little more.