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Okay. Okay. Okay.

I need to do it. By it, I mean create a new blog post series for these ideas. These ideas that I have from time to time, and hoard. I just jot them down, and leave them somewhere.

But I want to get them out. I want to have them live outside of my head, so this series will be dedicated to writing out whatever thoughts I have around the idea.

I won't be concerned at the prospect of someone else finding the post and doing it themselves. That's their perogative. It's almost great if they do, because they're generally ideas I want, and would pay for, but ultimately might not have enough time, or more realitically, passion, to follow through with.

So this series won't have as structured of an approach as my Gitub Projects series, but I will try to do it as frequently as possible.

And if you're reading this, and want to implement it, that's cool.
Just let me know so I can be the first user :)