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Proposal: Markdown Stylesheets Directory

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I'm not sure if I'm starting another blog post series with the leading copy "Proposals" in the title, but I'll let time determine that.

Going through my ideas on blog posts, and I stumbled on one I think is a pretty legit one. Making a mini-site (WordPress? Tumblr?) that simply collects style sheets that have rules defined for markdown-based markup.

The site would simply list the title, show screenshots of what the rendered markup looks like, and have the stylesheet available to be downloaded.

All the rules would, however, have the selector prepended with a markdown identifier. For example, instead of just:

h1 {
    background-color: red;

It'd be more specific in order to fit into a website where there was more than just markdown formatted markup:

#markdown h1 {
    background-color: red;

Boom. With this, developers who are using markdown for a simple blog, site, commenting system, or whatever, could quickly and painlessly style it, trusting that it's cross-browser compatible.