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Lectures App: Database Schema

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And.. I've finished the database schema for the project.
Well, let's rephrase that.

I've worked on the database schema enough to start compiling some test data, creating a basic UI, and plugging in my good old TurtlePHP framework for application development.

Pfft. Okay, let's rephrase that.
I will now get maybe 20-25 sample records for each of the tables/object types in order to start creating a UI that is pulling from a live data source (always easier for me; you know, looping and all).

This is a series of steps which will surely warrant some more posts between now and then, but is nonetheless a good feeling :)

I was going to post the schema here, but I mean, does it really make sense? The other day I was trying to see if there was a site online where you could upload an SQL schema file, and have it create an image that shows a UML diagram of it all. I think some sites do, but require a subscription or payment. Boo.

Business opportunity!

So instead of just posting an sql file here, which isn't really meaningful, I'll simply list out the tables. I'm sure that'll arouse some nostalgia down the line :)


Let's see how far that gets me :)