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As part of a resolution, every day I'm going to be writing a post on one of my GitHub projects.

I was a late-adopter to the GitHub craze, but have fully embraced it in the past year. It's pushed me to write more adaptable, abstracted and decoupled code in order to release it out.

And while I have few followers or watchers to my projects, it feels pretty rad every few months when I get an email from someone, thanking me for posting a project, and asking for help.

I believe I'm at the point now where I've released everything that I'd worked on, in one form or another, over the past (get ready..) 6 years.

In this series, I want to address some non-technical questions, including:

Hopefully this resolutions comes in handy for those who want to use a project, or at the least, give them a more personal feel than just a bunch of code on a site :)