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GitHub Project: PHP-Debugging - Development Functions

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As part of my GitHub Projects series, I present to you: PHP-Debugging

What is this?

This library provides functions that are useful during development. They perform a variety of tasks, but centre around flushing data to the buffer in raw-form to resolve some issue.

Why did I develop it?

I developed this library to have quick shortcuts to common used logic/functions.

More than anything, it was to save me some time during the development/debugging process, and have all these functions (which are primarily only used during development) decoupled from any framework-level logic.

What's included?

This project includes a series of functions (currently 8) which, for the most part, print statements to the output buffer in order to assess a point in code. These specific functions are:

How do I use it?

These functions are primarily used during development. An exception to this is the el function which I may use during recoverable errors.

Simply use it during your flow, functionally, checking out the function documentation for appropriate parameter types and return values.

Why did I abstract it out?

I thought about building these functions directly into the TurltePHP framework, but wanted to have them available for really small projects, applications or scripts. While not all of these need to be used exclusively under the label of debugging, I thought they would fall suitably well there.

There we go.
Up next, PHP-SecureSessions.