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Lectures App: Lectures in {city}

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It's a service I would use.
It's a service I've thought about for years.

Berlin, 2010: I sketched it all out.
Toronto, 2011: I pitched it.
Toronto, 2012: I'm going to start it.

I'm going to build a service which lists talks that are going on, filtered by the city where they're being performed. It doesn't have a goal of revolutionizing education or online-offline interaction. It just needs to help people find these talks.

It's going to include information on:

It's mission? To serve as a directory.

It will be built so that I can find these lectures. So that I can learn about the topics I'm interested in, from people who are educated and experienced within that field.

I'm not sure what will come of it, but it's been two years since I first thought of it.
It's time I make it.

The name? Hmmm. Will get back to that one.
The timeline? I'll get back to that too, but I'll use this place as a motivation for the technical execution of it.

The stack?
Yep. LAMP.
Making extensive use of my public projects. This is going to be fun :)