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April 2011 Dev

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Did alright with the blog posts the past month. Got up to 7 on a descent-range of topics (eg. openFrameworks, VIM, C++, Cloud, RegExp, SSL). Search engine traffic is pretty wicked now too. What did I do that was new to me this month?

A descent spread of new dev-topics. The openFrameworks thing I'm most excited about because of this: Funky Forest - Installation for Cinekid

The concept of being able to programmatically create an immersive environment whereby people forget about the limitations and rules of their environment and become engaged in a virtually-tactile concept. Pretty inspiring stuff.

For me there are two steps for this:

  1. Try out an experiment (snakes + ladders, jump-points) somewhere in the city
  2. Get immersed in openFrameworks and C++; this includes grabbing a kinect and playing around with it's capabilities

I think combining these two things makes a lot of sense and can get me to a point where I want to be.