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TinyGrab vs. CloudApp/Cloud

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I take screenshots fairly regularly that I'd like to share with other people (eg. a bit of code, a design, an icon.. whatever..). I'd been using TinyGrab for a while now, but found an old .dmg of Cloud which does the same thing. I ended up abandoning TinyGrab for a few reasons.

The first being the UI/UX in Cloud's web-dashboard. It's gorgeous, usable, and history-centric. TinyGrab doesn't have one (at least not for the free version).

Secondly, Cloud's OSX app has a cleaner UI as well. It's very unobtrusive.

But maybe most-importantly is Cloud's "Raindrops", which are extensions that can be added to Photoshop, VLC, Chrome, etc. which allow you to do things like uploading a canvas layer, take screens of specific parts of a video file, or shorter urls easily.

Both are free, so not much investment on my end, but just thought I'd note it since I couldn't find too many comparisons of the two.