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What to expect from olivernassar.com

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This is my first post for olivernassar.com. My posts will be centred around, primarily, web development and design, user interface design, user experience, start ups, coding practices, and programming in general. From time to time, music posts will be found. Additionally, vents/opinions on companies/products will come up.

That being said, this will be a fairly subjective blog, dedicated to the web as a whole. All emails and comments are welcome, and moderation will be turned off for a while.

Some topics coming up shortly will include book reviews, framework reviews, framework choices, and some advice on the freelance/consulting circuit. The languages I currently focus on are (in MVC inspired order):

The frameworks I currently focus on:

Going along with that, however, you may see the odd post regarding RoR, JQuery, or whatever other framework that may possibly connect with my personal favourites.