Oliver Nassar

"are you seeing anyone?"

"are you seeing anyone?"

an innocuous question, asked genuinely by a friend
a subtle reference therein as to whether i was over her
as to whether i'd started to move on

but therein lies my confusion

we live in a culture that suggests what love is
love is commitment

but most powerful for me, that love is enduring
in truth, i believe these ideas

so how am i to respond to a question inquiring whether i have "moved on" a few weeks after our relationship has ended
how can it be expected for a person to go from giving everything they possibly can to another
through to being open and ready to connect with some other

the dichotomy of the expectations of love:
to commit oneself wholly to someone
and yet be able to move on as soon as the relationship's path fades off over the horizon without your hope

i can understand it on paper
but not in my heart

thus im writing here, so that perhaps if you ever feel any sort of similar expectation
an expectation founded in how long it should take you to "move on"
for you to know that it's okay not to meet it
i certainly don't plan on it