Oliver Nassar

four words

i like his hair

A quicker tongue.
A calmer disposition.
A faster stride.
A stronger identity.

Qualities that were, and will always be, part of my character.
But qualities that were awakened because of four words.

The four words do not mean anything specific.
They are not relevant to a hidden, inside context.

They are four words written in the midst of an exchange.
And they could have been any four words.

But they came from someone I love.
Someone I love without prerequisites or stipulations.
Received with a perceived intention of tenderness and intimacy.

So I am here, at 1:35am on 7 July 2013.
Writing to remind myself of the intrinsic power love can release.
Of the pathway it can guide me to walk, if I'm open to letting it do so.

And perhaps, to remind myself that yes, I do deserve intimate love.