Oliver Nassar

The juxtaposition of memorable moments

"Go outside."
"Make every day count."
"You only live once."

I've recited these allegories often myself. They're part of my conciousness, and I try to remind myself of them from time to time. But all-the-same, there is something frustrating about them, especially when brought up by someone else: When Years Passed, Will You Remember Today?

There is a line within that post:

Imagine if you are going to record the best moment of today, what would it be? Would you rather record yourself in front of a computer or yourself walking outside experiencing life?

I don't remember all the time I've sat inside, nor all the time spent alone, upset, frustrated, shoveling snow, running away from bees, or watching television. When I look back, at the ripe age of 27, those events don't come to mind.

But I firmly believe those events are required.

I have many memories I look back upon and smile. Conversations I am thankful to have been able to have, at the right time, with the right person. I believe contrasting what one would like to look back upon, versus the often mundane things required in a persons life, is not a fair comparison.

Rather, I choose to compare the breadth of my experiences against the breadth I imagined for myself in the past. So long as the former continuously exceeds the latter, I'm moving in a direction that I'm proud of.

Dare to experience a life you can't imagine.