Oliver Nassar

Lecture Directory: Intentions

I was an audience member for Normal Finkelstein in 2010.
Amira Hass in 2011.

I remember the feeling during and after these encounters.
Umbridled enthusiasm, excitement, to get a glimpse into the world I am superficially disconnected from, yet profoundly identify with.

They represent a specific academic discourse.
They have the ability to connect me to it.

Lecture Directory

It sounds bland.
"Lecture Directory"

But the feeling I get when I'm in that audience.
From desperately attempting to absorb as much as I can within a 60 or 90 minute window.

I have trouble finding the right words to describe that feeling.
And while I understand the experience I have with Middle Eastern politics is intrinsically subjective, I want to create a tool that helps people connect with their Middle Eastern politics.

That euphoric feeling can take place within any discipline.
Fine art.
Graphic design.
Musical theory.

I want to help others stumble onto a doorway, similar to the one I've found.
Aggregating lectures, taking place in person, is how I want to do so.

To feel the energy that comes from the physical union of people, around a specific theme.
I believe there is an immense potential there.

I'll do my best to liberate that potential on any scale possible.