Oliver Nassar


Our path is real.
But do we delude ourselves into thinking that some of the steps, or in-betweens, are meant to be?

We use often-heard phrases:
"part of a plan"
"only way it could have happened"
"meant to be"

I'm not sure.
Maybe we're just trying to remain optimistic.
Maybe we truly believe it.

Maybe we're trying to apply a concept of understanding to something that may not intrinsically contain order. The inevitability of our path versus the collection of life's pure-random experiences.

I believe my attempt to identify this idea, or maybe manufacture it, originates from my frustration to understand my current in-between, and all the in-betweens therein.

The angers, and sadnesses, and required-patiences for when I no longer have to look forward. The anxiety of it all.

I'm sure I'll remain an optimist out of sheer disposition, but I'm also sure that it is something, that without, would make all these in-betweens that-much-harder.